We strive to find the ideal gift for our loved ones and for those who make up the circle of friendship, but we do not always find the most useful. Receiving a gift is an illusion if a minimum of care has been taken in the choice, because it transfers to the other person that you have remembered her and have spent time trying to find out her wishes or likes.

In particular, sports gifts represent excellent options . If the recipient is an athlete, it will be very useful on a day-to-day basis. If it is not, it will invite you to start healthy lifestyle habits that will represent an investment in your health. There is nothing better than taking care of yourself, so a sports present can be an indirect invitation to give yourself personal time.

The range of items to choose from is wide , so that anyone's tastes and needs can easily be met. To make the search more bearable and effective, we divide the potential recipients into two large groups: those who do sports and those who don't.

Gifts for people with a sedentary lifestyle

Gifts are usually made to someone we really care about, not so much to commitments. Without pressure and without feeling that they are being judged, it is time to convey to that loved one the importance of starting to take care of themselves .

To start healthy lifestyle habits related to sports, the ideal is to define which discipline is the most appropriate. This "exercise" is very broad, and includes activities as diverse as playing football, walking, running, swimming or going to the gym , among endless options. We should start, then, by choosing what really motivates.

The level also has to be affordable to start with, and it is necessary to try to have healthy goals and rewards to promote motivation and not abandon at the first changes.

You can give the other person time, understanding, help and support to fulfill her objective, avoiding severity and feeling disappointment. It is he or she who must go their own way, and convincing themselves of the need to do so is the most difficult. You do not have to judge him, surely guilt is already haunting him.

The sports gift can be that push towards a healthy lifestyle and, in some way, materialize that desire to help you start taking care of yourself . So, here are some suggestions for presents.

Sports leggings with sauna effect

It is the ideal gift for someone who wants to lose weight , a common goal among people who do not have particularly healthy lifestyle habits. They may be overweight.

What these sports tights do is increase heat and sweating , achieving a multiplying effect of exercise when it comes to eliminating fats and toxins. It is thanks to the multilayer fabric with a sauna effect made with neoprene and, to a lesser extent, nylon and terylene.


The tracksuit is the ideal present for those who want to start little by little with moderate exercise in the gym or on the street, such as walking. But they have become a common outfit for our day to day, in a way that will also be appreciated by those who simply want to be comfortable.

A tracksuit is asked to be stylish, with a nice design and harmonious colors . Also that it is made of fabric such as brushed terry so that it is comfortable and breathable, and that it covers a wide range of sizes to fit people of any age and physical condition.

Basketball clothing set

If, as we have suggested, you have decided to help the recipient of the gift to start those healthy habits, because you care and / or because you need it too, the ideal is that you think of something to do as a team Basketball is a good option because there are many urban baskets that can be used for free, and because it is very entertaining even if there are only two of you.

The outfit must be loose enough and comfortable, and the latter involves the sleeves and shorts. The continuous movement will promote heat and perspiration, therefore it is an ideal garment to cope with. If it also has an attractive design, all the better.

Mobile bracelet

Experts say that motivation must be intrinsic, that is, what should invite you to continue the activity is the feeling of well-being that it generates. But, let's face it: a beginner will quickly quit if he / she does not find the sport practice pleasant at the beginning, something motivating to which the usual benefits are added.

That is why the mobile bracelet is such a good gift, because it makes it possible to carry the smartphone from one place to another comfortably. You will be able to listen to your favorite music, a podcast or even an audiobook , so that you can “sell” it as an experience: go out with the headphones, enjoy the ride, time for yourself, learn with podcasts, enjoy with stories, discover new music ...

Sports leggings with prints

It is the ideal gift for the flirtatious , and although it is an article designed for women, it can be worn by whoever wants it because clothes have no gender. Having clothes that are pleasing to the eye can also serve as a stimulus.

The best-known sports brands, in addition to designing garments that are trend, also take great care of the quality of the fabrics so that they last a long time. They are not as inexpensive as generic or white ones, but they are ideal for a gift.


Lack of physical activity is not always a matter of poor habits or inability to overcome laziness. Sometimes mobility fails, which may be due to an accident or age .

The spinner is associated with leisure and children, and it is, but it can also be a suitable complement for people who need to regain mobility in their hands and fingers. The use of articles of this type when it comes to something specific, in any case, should be part of the recovery plan designed and guided by a physiotherapist, who can be asked about the convenience of their use.

Gifts for athletes

Any of the articles that we have suggested can be useful if the recipient is a more or less experienced athlete, or someone who has long incorporated healthy habits into their life.

It is true that those who have set out on the road need other types of stimuli to continue, but doesn't someone who does sports need support? There are always new goals to overcome and, if you only conceive of sports practice as a health issue that you do not particularly enjoy, the main objective will be to stay. And it's not easy at all.

We tend to develop a little more empathy and encourage those who do not have a physique considered healthy but are willing to change. But there is another reality that is perhaps less talked about: we live in an obesogenic environment that encourages a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet . Those who try to escape it are quickly branded as obsessed.

Think about it: have you ever judged someone for saying no to a piece of cake, a soda or a drink? What do you think of those who spend two hours a day in the gym from Monday to Friday?

These types of actions should be perceived as normal and inspiring but, for some reason, they cause us rejection In part it is the obesogenic environment we were talking about, in part it is that the habits of that person, indirectly, put into question the little or not at all healthy. We feel ashamed.

Giving a sports gift to someone who plays sports frequently is a great idea for two reasons: first, because you will be sure , more than when it comes to taking the habits (you never know if will not do or how long you can keep them); second, to convey support in their goals and purposes. Therefore, in this case as well, we are transferring some suggestions, although any of the above may be useful.

Running belt bag

It is the ideal gift for runners, and these are usually experienced athletes. To run you have to have a certain physical and technical form, otherwise you run the risk of injury, so it is better to give it to someone who already does sports.

When going for a run, you have to take some essential items, including the mobile , then it should have a pocket large enough to fit and, if possible, have a headphone output. The closure system must be comfortable, with a zip or click, and it must also be adjustable.

UV meter

It is an ideal gift for those who practice outdoor sports for a long time , from those who take long walks, walking or running, to those who count their surf days for hours and hours, among other examples.

It can be worn comfortably on the wrist like a watch, in which case it must have a suitable type of clasp closure. It is used both for outdoor sports and for tanning sessions in a solarium machine.

Reflective harness with LED

It is a useful complement for those who go running, especially if they usually do it in low visibility conditions. But it can also be worn by other people who do not necessarily run, but walk. It is common to take advantage of the night in places where it is very hot in summer in the central hours of the day.

With the reflective harness you gain security, and is more comfortable than wearing a bib or something similar because it is tight to the body. It is made of polyester and PVC, has elastic waistband and straps, red led on the back and green led on the front. It also has three lighting modes: fixed, slow flashing and fast flashing.

Instant cooling sports towel

It is an ideal sports gift for those who practice high intensity sports, or who usually do it outdoors exposed to medium-high temperatures. These are situations that frequently cause hot flashes , and there is no possibility of having a source of cold nearby or it is insufficient, as happens with fans.

These types of towels are made of PVA or polyvinyl acetate, a derivative of vinyl that, depending on the case, can use sustainable and recycled materials. Just take it out of its case and soak it in cold water to absorb the liquid before storing it again, as well as rub it over the face, chest or other areas when instant cold is needed. It can also be stored in the freezer.


The electrostimulator is a complement that athletes usually use for their recovery , so it is an ideal present for those who are already experienced.However, its beneficial effects include relief, rest, relaxation, and well-being, so it can be used by other people. It is not specifically for weight loss.

An electrostimulator must have several programs and intensity levels , for example, eight and ten respectively. It works on batteries and you can use a timer that will help to use it in a homogeneous way by certain areas of the body such as knees, elbows, shoulders, lumbar or back. A set number of electrodes and patches are included in the kit.

Multifunction stopwatch with hanger

It is an ideal gift for athletes who want to beat their own marks , especially if they are preparing for tests. These do not necessarily have to be related only to sports, since physical tests are common in selective processes, such as oppositions for the National Police.

It works on batteries and ideally it should have more than one function such as alarm and clock , in addition to the stopwatch. And, as it is specially designed for sports activities, you must carry a strap to hang it and not lose it, in different colors to choose from.

In short, making a sports gift is always a good option, whether it is for inexperienced people who want to incorporate healthy lifestyle habits or if we are talking about athletes who want to achieve their own goals. It is a way of transferring support and affection for each purpose.

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