Perfumery and Cosmetics

Feeling beautiful and liking is one of the things that people pursue the most today. Skin care, aesthetic treatments and everything related to beauty and cosmetics is the order of the day. Of course, that interest is transferred to the world of gifts, where perfumery lots and cosmetics have become a real hit in stores like The gift of the week.

Undoubtedly, perfumery is a classic type of gift , of a lifetime: but for that very reason it is a type of gift that cannot be missed. Who more and who less uses perfume and cosmetic products to take care of their aesthetics and their image, and that is why it is always good to have more than one of these products in the bedroom for the day to day.

Although it is a common choice, the truth is that packages of perfumery and cosmetics as gifts have evolved a lot in recent years and have become a gift that is once again original and fashionable . This is for several reasons.

The packaging

Sad boxes with clear plastic and embedded jars are a thing of the past. Perfumery and cosmetic batch manufacturers know the importance of selling an elegant, attractive and eye-catching product, and it shows from the packaging.

Design has also reached the perfumery batch boxes, which have become true pieces of art capable of transmitting feelings or emotions closely related to the type of product that awaits inside.

Thus, the most classic and elegant perfumes will always go in boxes with a more solemn and conservative design, while the freshest, most youthful and daring products opt for an original packaging to match. And it's not just about the colors or the design: the shapes, the closure method and many other things can turn this packaging into a gift in itself.

The content of the perfumery sets

The interesting thing about giving a set of perfumery, beyond the bottle of cologne itself, is that these boxes usually include several products that make the experience complete and that, in addition, the gift It is more attractive and interesting for the person who receives it.

What kinds of things do perfume packs usually include? Obviously, the essence bottle is the main thing. But, in addition to this, manufacturers usually produce a series of products closely related to the main aroma, but with other uses.

One of the most common things in these gift boxes are body creams or lotions. It is a way to intensify the aroma and carry it in a more subtle way, if you do not want to use the pure fragrance.

Another of the things that appears the most in this type of gift box is the deodorant , also with an aroma equal to or compatible with the essence, and which pursues the same objective as the lotion: to offer different possibilities to carry the aroma in a less obvious way or with a less presence.

Of course, the bag with the perfume should not be forgotten. It may seem silly, but it is very useful when you are going to be away from home for a long time and you have to maintain the aroma throughout the day.

Beyond that, some batches include small test jars from the same factory or even jewelry or toys .

Without a doubt, all this adds up when it comes to turning these perfumery and cosmetics lots into a special gift. In fact, they are designed just for that: to complete the gift of perfume, the main and absolute protagonist, but which sometimes falls a bit 'short' as a gift.

Other cosmetic lots

Perfumery sets are not the only ones that exist and can be used as gifts.The world of cosmetics has also joined this possibility and currently there are boxes with other types of products

More and more popular are the hairdressing sets, which include hair care products such as shampoo, conditioner and serum, for example; or the facial cosmetic sets, which include moisturizers, dark circles, etc.

These possibilities are less risky than lots of perfume as gifts, since practically everyone uses cosmetics to enhance their beauty and thus the possibility that the fragrance is not to the taste of the person is eliminated at a stroke. honored.

Specific cosmetics

Even more specific and suitable are the specific cosmetic batches. These include products for a specific skin type and are suitable for gifts when you know the other person very well.

Do you have dry skin? Nothing better than a selection of excellent products suitable for that type of epidermis. Greasy hair? Then you have to look for a batch that attacks this type of problem and improves the presence of your hair.

Other lots of cosmetics for men

What other types of cosmetic lots are there for men? The shaving sets. In fact, the fashion for precise and professional shaves, in the style of the 1920s, has become fashionable again in the last five years.

There are many men who spend several minutes a day in front of the mirror to grow a perfect and fully groomed beard, and a set that includes shaving cream, brush, sharpener and razor is a very good way to look like kings before the honoree when he opens his gift.

How to choose a perfume to give as a gift?

The big question before this section of the website of The gift of the week is: “How not to make a mistake when giving a perfume?” . There are so many types and varied options that it is almost impossible to make a decision, unless the preferences of the person who is going to receive the gift are fully known.

To this must be added the fact that perfumes act differently depending on the type of skin. What does this mean? That depending on the person, a perfume can enhance its qualities, go unnoticed or obtain different nuances.

With all this, how to choose? The truth is that it is complicated, but one thing must be borne in mind: nowadays, the technique of making perfumery and cosmetic products is highly perfected and practically any perfume, cream or aesthetic product will serve and appeal to anyone.

This is a first reason for tranquility, but there is more: most brands work under very defined lines. Their perfumes are fresh or heavy or floral or sweet, but never all this together. Knowing the person minimally, you can come up with a perfume brand that is close to your tastes and, who knows, you may discover a new fragrance to add to the usual ones.

Most popular perfumery and cosmetics batch types

Beyond the characteristics of fragrances and the effects of cosmetic products, it is possible to create a catalog of types of perfumery and cosmetic batches that can serve as a guide for people who want to make this type of gift but find lost.

In this case, the types of lots will be classified rather by types of people. It is the easiest way to find the one that is most interesting in this case and not fail. However, it must be clear that these are only gift suggestions and that what should come first in these cases is what is known about the other person's tastes.

Perfumes for children

Educating children to take care of their aesthetics and their image is something very positive: has direct consequences on how children treat their hygiene and cleaning processes and helps them feel good about themselves

For this reason, giving a cologne to a child is not a bad idea, quite the opposite. Appearing with the bottle of cologne in its box, on the other hand, can seem somewhat boring to children and gives the feeling of not 'making it' with the gift. That is why there are lots of perfumes for children.

They are designed to be eye-catching and become almost a toy for children. In this way, you will be giving something as useful as it is entertaining.

That is why it is interesting to think of a batch when you are going to give a cologne to a minor: the boxes are characterized with funny puppets and shapes, and can even feature their favorite characters.

In addition, some of these lots of children's perfume include toys, key chains, little figurines and other things that make the box more attractive and can interest children from the beginning.

Perfumes for men

Obviously, there are as many options as there are types of men, but the truth is that this type of box usually contains perfume, a deodorant and after shave, for after shaving. It is a very good way not to fail, since they are products that are used and are used regularly, so the spare parts are more than good.

Regarding the style of these boxes, traditionally they have been more sober and in dark or neutral colors, but the design has also made a strong impact in the lots of perfume for men and there are already much more colorful and interesting options.

Men's perfumes embrace two trends: fresh and acidic or sweet and floral . One option is not more interesting than the other, but this will depend on the type of person who uses them. In fact, there are even women who use men's perfumes because they like them much more.

Shaving sets also come into play here, which are very popular nowadays, they are very popular and it is also a way not to fail with the perfume when buying one that is not to the taste of the gentleman.

Perfumes for women

The catalog here is much broader. As with clothing or footwear, the world of perfumery and cosmetics works much more for the female sector than for men.

You will be able to choose here by lots that contain the perfume and creams or by those that offer different selections of the same brand. Choosing one or the other should be more motivated by the perfume you are looking for, since women tend to be much clearer about what type of fragrance they like to use.

You can also opt for the aforementioned cosmetic sets or boxes for specific skin or hair care. They are a very subtle way of not giving a perfume once again, but at the same time continue to show that woman that we love her and want to take care of her.

There is one last option that cannot be forgotten: it is the manicure sets, which are also an excellent option because they are less risky: they include scissors, files, French manicure kits, molds and many other options to keep some Perfect nails for an important event, a party or a gala night.

Brands with lots of perfumery and cosmetics

It is very easy to find lots of perfumery and cosmetics from practically any major brand on the market. Manufacturers know the outlet that these gift boxes have and that is why they strive to make them attractive and inexpensive to attract everyone's attention.

It is easy, therefore, to go with the brand that we know the person you want to surprise likes or even look for things that are radically different to help you open up to new aromatic experiences and aesthetic

Giving perfume and cosmetics is betting on a classic that always works. Everyone appreciates filling the closet with their usual fragrance or with new options to try. Giving this type of product is a clear demonstration of love and care: the other person is being told that we like to see him or her beautiful, cared for, elegant, and perfect.

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