What to give at Christmas? It is a question that comes to mind around this time of October-November.

We look at the calendar and realize that in the blink of an eye we are at Christmas, and of course in such a beautiful season, where rough edges are smoothed out, those who offended us are forgiven, the family reunites, we want them to Arrive early to celebrate and look forward to gift time.

Some families make a gift exchange or a secret friend, which is a very similar variety, and on Christmas day get together to discover the gifts.

There are those who, when the clock rings at 12:00 am, gather next to the nativity, tree or fireplace and begin to open the gifts.

So many customs in the world to celebrate Christmas! And almost all include gifts.

Giving is the act of giving with selflessness, it brings joy to both those who give and those who receive.

And these dates are propitious, by tradition. And speaking of tradition, have you ever wondered why gifts are given at Christmas?


Some people comment in a funny way that they do not know where the idea of ​​giving gifts comes from at Christmas, but as long as they continue giving them it seems like a great idea.

Others more skeptical of the holidays argue that giving gifts at Christmas is pure commerce, which is the market selling advertising to increase sales.

While some take it as a family tradition.

The truth of all this is that the first person who protests because they have given him a gift at Christmas has never been seen in the news or on social networks.

To answer this question, and learn a bit of history, and also good to argue with friends when talking about gifts at Christmas, we are going to present you some historical data that you surely did not know, that tell us about where possibly this tradition of looking for a gift for Christmas comes from.


  • Some say that the tradition comes from the Romans, who used to give gifts to Saturn to the god of grain and agriculture.
  • Others say it is related to the birth of Jesus the Son of God, when the wise men following the star of Bethlehem brought the child born in the manger with gold, myrrh and incense.
  • In the 4th centuries it is said that a young orphan named Nicolás inherited a great fortune that he distributed to the sick and homeless. Some of the stories that are known about this young man is that, on one occasion, determined to save some women subjected to prostitution by his father, he entered through the window of their houses and left them a bag of gold coins so that they could accumulate the dowry required for the father to marry them was one of the many selfless good deeds he did.

Later this young man became a priest and when he died they gave him the status of saint, becoming Saint Nicholas.

Later in the thirteenth century in Holland, Saint Nicholas was represented as an older man with a white beard, but with ecclesiastical clothes who carried a bag of gifts which he distributed to the children mounted on a donkey. When Dutch emigrants settled in new lands founded in 1624 called New Holland, they carried on this tradition. New Holland is what we now know New York in North America, history was transformed and today this character is known as Santa Claus, Santa Claus, or Saint Nicholas. An old man dressed in red, who has a white beard, distributes gifts all over the world to children who behave well during the year on Christmas day thanks to a magical sleigh with flying reindeer that help him to reach the house of every child in the world.

  • A historian named Stephen Nissenbaum indicates that the origin of giving gifts at Christmas is much closer and does not go back as many years as history says. This historian states in his book The Battle for Christmas < s4> that in New York the custom of giving gifts at Christmas began in the first half of the 19th century, where the poorest could demand that the rich give them food and drinks on Saint Nicholas Day (December 6 ) and New Year's Day, and they could also celebrate those days in the streets.

Then these festivities began to hold street parties for relatives, supported by the traditions that the Dutch had brought from Europe that parents give gifts to their children and not that their employers give gifts to their workers.

Why do we give gifts at Christmas?

Although there is historical data that tries to support why we give gifts at Christmas, we believe that family tradition is what counts, we grow up with beautiful memories of the reunited family, we love the expressions of our family and friends when they receive their surprise , and we enjoyed it so much that we look forward to the holidays.

With this excitement and joy that we feel when we know that this date is approaching, we want to show you some ideas that you can consider to give a gift for Christmas.


Always keep in mind love, peace and kindness as elements to give at Christmas, but also accompany them with a physical present that makes your loved ones feel special, among the things you can give are:

  1. Perfumes: Who doesn't love them? They are never enough, their presentation bottles are beautiful, the boxes where they come from, in themselves they are a luxurious gift of good taste and style.

They are unisex, and they have no age, to babies, men, women, grandmothers, grandfathers, to anyone you can confidently give a perfume.

And if they come in a set much better, because these usually have a practical presentation that you can easily carry in your purse. Others are accompanied by a body cream with the same fragrance as the perfume or with one that matches it.

Choose a perfume or set of perfumes, and wrap them with a nice wrapping paper, you place a special bow that you can make yourself, to give it that touch and style that the person to whom you are giving it deserves.

  1. A gift for them is a make-up or cosmetic set: anti-aging creams, facial creams, rejuvenating, for the eyes, are, although it is hard to believe a gift that women appreciate very much, beauty and care is important.

A nice gesture that you can have with a friend, your mom, your grandmother, sister and wife is that you include a makeup set, this is a way of saying that you appreciate and admire the way she keeps flirtatious. Surely if you give away some of these two types of products, you will achieve a great smile at Christmas.

  1. For children there are also suggestions, in fact, we believe that Christmas is more gifts for children than for adults. It's actually relative isn't it? The truth is that if there are children in the family, think of a nice gift that you can give them, children love Christmas, they think about it throughout the year, they behave well to receive their gift at Christmas.

The gifts for them are selected depending on their age and gender, however, to generalize, we can make a general classification:

  • Didactic games or crafts : both boys and girls like these types of games, they develop special skills such as motor skills, motor skills, creativity, they also develop special intelligences, and all this while the little ones have fun The games educational are designed for all ages, so you can surprise them with this type of gift.

For example, you can give girls a kit to make bracelets and boys an educational robot.

  • Clothing: Although they are not so fun and children do not like them very much, they are a gift that is well appreciated by parents and by themselves in the end because they are quite useful and durable. In case you don't think this is a very exciting gift then try incorporating a small toy or some kind of candy.
  • A bathroom seth: children also like to have their own hygiene items, this makes them feel that they are big and that just like mom and dad they also have their things.
  1. A gift for them, can be items with which they can show off a drink with their friends on a special occasion of sharing, in a casual gathering or on a birthday, women are not the only ones who like to show off about household items. In this sense, a beer dispenser looks like a great gift; As well as a drinking game, these are fun games for drinking competitions.

Tracksuits and t-shirts are also a gift that never leaves anyone bad, and that you can give at Christmas, they have the following year to wear it.

  1. Sporting goods: If some of your family or friends like to exercise and keep their bodies healthy, reinforce their sports inventory with some accessory, garment or sports article.

If they are not, but you want to motivate them to start a routine where they incorporate sports next year, then you can select between tracksuits, knee pads, wrist support, a running fanny pack, a sports bracelet, among others.

  1. Prank gifts, these types of gifts are very delicate to give, but there is never a lack of that uncle, aunt, cousin, brother who has a well marked sense of humor who would not mind receiving a gift like a cover phone in the shape of ears, a funny pen, among others. As we said before, this type of accessories should be selected for a person who knows how to appreciate them with humor, we do not recommend it for the rest.
  2. Articles and accessories for the kitchen: this gift is ideal to give to the family nucleus, to a grandmother, your wife, your mother. Useful gifts are highly valued and kitchen items are a tool to share meals and spend pleasant times together.


If you are still wondering whether or not you should give a gift at Christmas, and if it is convenient to spend that money that you can save for other expenses, we want to tell you the following.

Giving a gift is a decision, indeed the fact that it is a tradition no one forces you to follow it, if you do not want to spend money on your family and friends, do not do it.

But if you decide to do it, don't think of it as an expense, but rather as an investment of what money can never buy, because don't think that your wife's smile is worth so many euros, because she won't see the cost of the gift, She will see that you took the time to keep her in mind and decided to give her something that makes her happy.

When you give your husband a gift at Christmas, you tell him that on that Christmas date he is important to you and that is why you decided to give him a gift to prove it

At the same time you encourage the children who out of innocence wait for Christmas to open their gifts, that year after year when they wake up at Christmas they add those beautiful memories of the family, and what you sow today you will reap in the future, and from they will surely do the same with their children.

When you give at Christmas you are giving a clear message that will be well received, do it with love and joy, that these dates are propitious for all the good things about us to be present.