Three Kings Day is the most anticipated date for the little ones and not so many to receive gifts. It is the day when Christmas reaches its maximum splendor, where there are parades, family reunions and gifts.

There is no better way to start the year and end Christmas than to celebrate it with the family, a moment where magic, laughter, and family bonding are present like never before.

For this date thousands of children prepare their letter to the Magi with their list of gifts to receive them at night between 05 and 06 January.

Precisely on this date, in many places in Spain, hundreds of families gather on the main avenues of each town to wait for the parade and arrival of the Three Kings.

But, who has not had this illusion of enjoying this day that undoubtedly magic is present?

Or is it not magical to see how children, in their beautiful innocence, place their shoes near the door or on the window waiting to receive their gifts, without forgetting to leave them a sweet so that the Kings Wizards enjoy it.

It is a day to go to the avenue and watch the Three Kings parade pass as a family to laugh, enjoy, share unique moments with the family and with those around.

Without a doubt, if we describe the experiences of this day we would not have enough space to do it, there are so many things, so many moments, that for us it is one of the most important days to spend as a family.

The gifts that children and even adults receive on this day are undoubtedly another of the protagonists of this celebration.

By the way, do you already know what to give on Three Kings Day? You may think that there is still time to think about it, however, we want to alert you, there is never enough time.

More today we live where we must take different measures to ensure that this celebration is more intimate, with the family and with due care.

One of the options we currently have is to be able to visit different portals and review the variety of products, choose and buy the special gift for our loved ones.

In this post we will teach you some considerations that you may have to acquire a gift, we want you to have the best options to give this day of kings.

But first we would like to talk a little about where this beautiful tradition came from, why it really has a meaning for man to celebrate the Day of the Kings, they are festivals that are celebrated almost all over the world, their amplitude tells us what is special and important.


Like Christmas, the celebration of these dates in the first days of the year is framed by the history of celebration and the joy that the birth of the Son of God on earth has meant for the world.

Jewish legend tells that there was a eunuch man named Daniel the chief magician in ancient times, a powerful and influential man, who received the revelation that a child would be born, the Messiah that the prophets had announced and that They had waited so long for the liberation of the people at last he would come to the world.

Being an empowered man, having no one to leave his property to because of his status as a eunuch, he decided in his heart to give the child who would be born in Bethlehem what he had.

When the time he knew the birth would be, he sent some magicians to give the child gold, myrrh and incense, and sent them on the way to the place.

The wise men had no idea where to go, but a star, the star of Bethlehem guided them to the place where the Baby Jesus was made in a manger with his mother Mary and his Father Joseph, accompanied by animals , in the most humble place that man can imagine that the Savior of the world can be born

In the Bible the story of these magi is told, but there is no mention that they were kings, they say that they came from the East because they saw their star, they arrived where King Herod asking Where is the King of the Jews who was born? We come to worship you.

This news greatly disturbed King Herod and Jerusalem, for which he decided to call the priests so that they would tell him what the scriptures said about this, investigating they found that he was to be born according to the prophets in Bethlehem. King Herod meets with the wizards and tells him to let them know everything they know about the boy so that he too has a chance to bring him gifts, and the wizards leave.

Along the way the star guides them to the place where the child is and they give him the gifts, the Bible says that they did not notify King Herod to protect the baby.

This story is part of Christmas, and in countries like Europe, Latin America, Mexico and other parts of the world, and is expected by children, adults and grandparents to celebrate as a family.

Do you also keep the tradition?

Keep it alive so that future generations will always remember the wonderful facts in the history of man.


This question similar to the one we ask when a celebration comes makes us reflect on tastes, on what we want to express, and on the motivation to give joy, because giving and receiving gifts always generates the best feelings.

To give you an idea of ​​what you can give for these dates when the wise men come to leave a present for the children, we have left you some ideas that we hope will be useful to make your final decision.

Gifts for children on Three Kings Day

As we said before, the Three Kings Day is perhaps the most important for children in Spain, Latin America and the world for their gifts and moments of joy as a family.

It is precisely at that moment where the children's emotions mix, the joy of receiving the gift, with the illusion, excitement and desire to have fun, to show what the Kings brought.

But, who does not remember that right moment when the Kings leave the gift? We believe that we go back, we return to being children when this date arrives.

Currently there are many options to give that special gift for our children, but we must be aware that the gift must be appropriate for age.

For example, for the little ones, educational toys, stimulators, toys that allow them to assemble, build and do crafts, among others.

For the older ones, undoubtedly that starts from electronic games, video game consoles, headphones, electronic equipment, Smartphone, are some of the options that we can have on hand.

Being attentive to the new trends that this 2021 brings us for the smallest of the house, will also allow us to get an idea of ​​what we will surely find in their requests.

But remember that the most important thing about this day is to be able to enjoy it to the fullest as a family, accompanied by dinner, games, fun and, above all, many gifts to enjoy as a family.

The best gifts of Kings for your friends.

We are approaching the Three Kings Day and have you already thought about what to give to your friends? We want to avoid last minute purchases and the stress that this generates

But we have to take into account what type of friendship it is for, for example, if they are those lifelong friendships, those in which they have shared all kinds of moments, the gift must be special.

A gift that goes according to what you really like or need, but as we know them, it will not really be a problem to choose the ideal gift.

But in order not to miss this moment, we recommend the details for the kitchen, a wine kit, a good bottle of wine, as well as any other technology-based detail.

But if the gift is for that coworker with whom you have shared throughout the year, and if the friend is an athlete, do not hesitate to give him a detail related to his passion, he will always appreciate it.

We also have the famous invisible friend, a tradition where we share gifts and details, but we undoubtedly never know what to give.

So here we want to give you some tips so that you can give a good detail:

  • Utensils for the mobile phone such as a case, earphones, or a charger that we are sure that having another charger is not such a bad idea.
  • Pendrive; this is a detail that will always be appreciated, as well as good headphones.
  • A tracksuit that will be useful to your invisible friend for those days off or to carry out a sports physical activity.

As you will see, there are many options to give the best Three Kings Day gift to your friends.

Best gifts for Three Kings Day for a family member

The act of giving to a relative always involves beautiful feelings, so if you decide to make a direct expression of love, you can try making a special manual gift for him or her.

But if you are not given much about crafts, or you do not have enough time to put all those details that you would like it to have, then try buying online a special gift online, always considering tastes of each.

Try giving a foot massager or back scratcher for that uncle or aunt who loves to pamper themselves and with whom you have the confidence to appreciate these types of gifts.

For the one who always jokes, the joke counter, the one who never sees a bitter face and is always contagious with his joy, try to give him some joke article such as a cell phone case that when he takes it out he will laugh at many and he feels that he expresses his personality, or a poo pen or perhaps a ridiculous trophy, but in love you tell him that you have decided to give it to him because he is the happiest of the family.

And for those who love cooking, do not forget to give them those utensils, equipment and tools that make it easy for them to carry out their art of cooking, also remember that you will also benefit from being one of the diners at tail. Consider a crepe maker, a food processor, for snacks and the perfect popcorn, a popcorn machine is available and for gourmet an extra virgin olive oil is always well received.

Tips to give away on the day of kings

And any other day that you want to give away, keep these tips in mind, they will be useful for us to be successful when we give away.

  1. Buy considering the taste of the person, age and sex.
  2. Stay within your budget.
  3. Remember that presentation counts so choose a good wrapping paper.
  4. Put a special bow on it to make it stand out.
  5. And always, always give with joy and a lot of love.