Speeches for Parents’ Golden Jubilee Wedding Anniversary

Are you scared of public speaking and your parents 50th anniversary is approaching? Surely the occasion will be memorable for you however the task of giving an anniversary speech can be quite daunting. Planning in advance can make you less nervous and will prompt you to recall some fond memories related to your parents beautiful marriage.

It is a very old saying that ‘the secret of great speech is planning, try and spend some time working out as to what you want to say, as well as spend some time rehearsing. Here, we will give you tips as to how you can write a perfect 50th anniversary speech and deliver it.


Preparation is the key for the success of your speech. So prepare a structure of what you want to say. Gather all your thoughts about your parents. Try to collect maximum information. Like how they met, how were their days before you were born. The stories of their early year dating.

Introduction and Body

The best idea to break the ice of an anniversary speech is to start with something funny. This will help you in getting the attention of the audience. You can also start with some nice lines from any poem, this is a good way to set the right tone of the speech.

Your speech should take your parents on a ride of the journey of their wonderful life as ‘your’ parents. Show photographs related to your childhood memories, special occasions and events, along with your speech on a projector to give it a personal touch. You can also add on the videos to make them to feel their importance in your life. Some funny and romantic clippings of your parents are not to be missed. Mention the incidents when they inspired you, when you thought about giving up, but their strength and support made you stand still and fight with the situation.

Describe, how their guidance and support has helped you grow through the years and the beautiful surrounding at home bought on by them had given you strength to fall back when every the going got tough for you. However, make sure that the speech is not entirely solemn nor is a big farce. You need to keep a balance by adding the humorous and funny situations which will bring out the real qualities of your parents and not just some idols that you have put forward. Making you audience laugh along with the cry should be the target for of your speech.

Closing the speech

You can conclude by presenting you gift and thanking all the guests for taking out their precious time for this special occasion of your family. At the end, you can mention how glad you are that your parents met and most importantly you love them and wish them many more years of happiness.

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