Take Control of My Marriage – How to Take Control of Your Wife and Enjoy the Unexpected Benefits!

Are you in a situation where you’re saying I need to take control of my marriage.

If your wife is controlling, and is controlling your marriage altogether then it’s time that you regained that control. And the best part is that once you do there will be some amazing side benefits with your wife.

She won’t be able to control herself and there’s a good (and scientific reason why.

I Was Once Also Saying I Need to Take Control of My Marriage

So here’s a quick run down of what happened to me.

My wife and I were having serious trouble early on in our marriage. Constant fighting, constant storming out, and stonewalling. Just a miserable time altogether.

We eventually took a course that helped us save our marriage. I thought at that point everything was fine, however new problems started to creep up.

I thought I was doing all the right things. Paying attention to her, making her feel like the queen of the house, and overall pampering her. It worked nicely for a while but quickly after the problem of her being distant and well…indifferent toward me crept up.

Not to mention…after some analyzing I’d done…she was in complete control of the marriage. I was no longer the King of my own castle.

Oddly enough, after much studying of sociology and anthropology to get to the bottom of this problem,I realize that there was a primitive part of her brain that made her unhappy. That part of the brain comes from way back in the cave man days where the cave woman’s instinct was to get the cave man who could protect her, give her strong healthy babies, and basically lead her to survival.

Well believe it or not, no matter how hard society tries they can’t get that innate trait out of a woman. So right then and there I knew it was time to take control of my marriage. But I wasn’t exactly sure how to do it.

I felt like things had gotten so far away from me, that I had become so what’s known as betamale that there would be no turning back. The sad fact is that even though a wife actually wants you to be in control of the marriage subconsciously – consciously it’s a battle in her mind. This is why a woman will often times do the things that make men give in, and lose control of their marriage.

But the greatest thing is that once I started to take control of my marriage, something changed drastically in my wife. Her feelings toward me, and my more alpha state began to show in surprising ways. She started to act like she did when we first met again. And her attraction toward me was ten fold. This of course was a nice byproduct when it came to bedtime.

The point though is that being anything other than the alpha male in your home will lead your marriage to misery. By not being the great leader that a family needs, you’re taking away a huge part of what your family supposed to have.

Now I certainly don’t want you to take this the wrong way. Being a leader, being an alpha male, saying that I’m gonna take control of my marriage…doesn’t mean that you control your spouse. You control the marriage, but the control you have over your spouse does not come from force at all. It comes from leadership, and great leaders don’t need to control with force.

Great leaders and great husbands alike are one in the same. They say I’m going to take control of my marriage and they do it effectively, without ever having to even raise a voice.

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