Teenage Marriages Are Likely to End Unhappily

As most of us can realize, most teenagers are not mature enough to think critically and to really understand life. For example, they do bad things, they don’t know how to act, and they don’t even think about the consequences of what they do. There are times that I sit quietly and ask myself about why teenage marriage is legal and possible, but I can’t find an answer. As several studies or statistics have shown, teenage marriage is legal and possible in almost every country, and more than fifty percent of teenagers who get married divorce within less than twenty years. Today, after taking my time to think critically and carefully about some characteristics that cause most teenage marriages to end unhappily, I come up with three fundamental characteristics. Teenage marriages are likely to end unhappily because teens are inadequately mature; they don’t have adequate economical or financial support; or they have a lack of relationship experiences.

As most people know, maturity is one of the primary characteristics that a marriage should have. It helps both partners to know how to think, how to act, or how to respond to some difficult situations or circumstances. Most teenagers don’t have the ability to think reasonably because they behave childishly, or they are simply too immature to remain reasonably when stressed. For example, a friend of me names Jean was married to young girl at age of fifteen. After a couple of months, problems started taking place in his relationship, such as jealousy and others. Jean didn’t know how to act positively toward his wife and how to respond to those tremendous problems, but he pretended that using profanity and fighting with his wife were the best ways to overcome those problems. Unfortunately, after a couple years, Jean and his wife divorced. When those kinds of situations are present in a relationship, it’s significant or crucial that both partners communicate rationally to each other in order to find an appropriate way to solve them. But what was wrong with Jean? What caused him to act like that? Most of us will say because he was immature. People who are adequately mature are less likely to fight or disrespect their wives in order to solve a problem.

For another instance, it’s difficult for teenagers to find jobs that pay more than average salary because most of them don’t have high educational levels. As a result, they need to have more than one job in order to support their families, which not allow them enough time to continue their education. Sometimes, they may have problems with their partners when they are unable to take care of their families’ needs, which are paying rent or bills, providing food, shelter, and others, so economic difficulty can cause problems and divorces in their relationships.

The lack of relationship experiences can cause teenage marriages to end unhappily and brings problems in their relationships, such as cheating, jalousies, and others. For example, a young man named Johnny got a girl pregnant at age of fourteen, and both parents made the decisions to marry them while they were in school. After a couple years of their marriage, Johnny saw some other beautiful girls, and he said to his wife that he is so regretful to marry her because she’s not his type. Problems preoccupied their relationships, and he started cheating on his wife and treating her badly. Unfortunately, after a couple of years, they divorced. In this kind of situation, what caused them to divorce? It was simply a lack of experience that Johnny had about relationships because he got married while he was a teenager.

In order for us to succeed in our marriages, we should have an adequate maturity level to respond to some difficult situations that may take place in our relationships, and we should have adequate economic support and relationship experiences. Because without one of them, problems may occur. When it comes to teenagers, most of them are not mature enough, their economic situations are not responding to marriage, and they have a lack of experience with relationship. These are some characteristics that can give us the reasons that most teenage marriages are likely to end unhappily.

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