The Art of Making Fondant Icing Recipes

Many households are fond of making their own fondant icing recipe. Formerly, this luscious culinary recipe was only done by cake decorator experts but because of the increasing popularity of fondant recipes these days you can now practice it at home. To master the art of making fondant icing recipe it not difficult to try unless you pay attention to the right procedures, then frequent practice makes it ideal.

Fondant icings are generally topped and decorated on cakes for special occasions like weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays. It gives additional beauty on the cake because of its artistic, shiny, and smooth design. Typically the color is white but you can try to put color on it as the way you want it to be. Let me give you some overview of the ingredients used and the useful tips on how to create fondant icing properly.

The preparation for making is simple, however the recipes varies depending on how you want it to look like. The main ingredients are sugar and water; on some recipes it may include glucose, unflavored gelatin, almond extract, corn syrup, glycerin, and desired flavoring.

Experts say that in making fondant icing you should be aware of the temperature because it affects the smoothness of the dough. They advised to maintain it in room temperature (which usually ranges from 20 ºC to 27 ºC or 68 ºF to 80 ºF) for better result. Tidiness should also be observed inside the room and ensure that the working space is smooth and clean to work at. To prevent hurting the surface of the dough, you must remove any jewelry on your fingers and wrists like rings and watches. Avoid wearing downy clothing, too. Not all results are perfect; nonetheless if you follow these simple guidelines then you will have a good product by any means.

In addition, don’t be worried if you have produced too much since you can still use the extra icings for other purposes. Just store the excess icing and if you plan to bake a cake in a later time then use it for the decoration. Don’t hesitate to make experiments, the more you practice the more you will learn from it.

Making a fondant icing recipe is really an art. Your creativeness and artistic ideas will be laid out as you top the icings on the cake. Continue to read more recipe books and absorb the basic principles. From the basics it will lead you to a good start then slowly make your own choices of recipe. Always bear in mind that every work is a masterpiece. Compare your recent work from the previous and there you will see your improvements. And lastly, making fondant icing is more fun if you put your heart on it.

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