Why Celebrate The Pastor Anniversary!

When a church installs a Pastor to oversee the congregation there is generally an installation service. This is an official service which includes the congregation and higher ranking officials to perform the service. The anniversary date of this service is generally one year from this date or close to it. This article will explain why we celebrate the Pastor Anniversary to begin with.

When a Pastor is installed into a church he/she is taking an oath to look after or oversee the congregation of the church as a unit. This responsibility in my opinion is one of the greatest responsibilities man can accept. He/She is accepting the responsibility to nurture the spirit man of a person. As the spirit man grows through the pastors teaching, the natural man will flourish with knowledge and understanding. This process is just like a birthday in the fact that each year you get older, you get wiser and understand more about life.

The spiritual side of celebrating a Pastor Anniversary should not be viewed as a time to just give the pastor some money and gifts. But rather a time where the congregation as a whole celebrates what God has given them, in the form of a pastor. Each member of the church should take honor in knowing that their being taught Godly principles that will ultimately make life better. As your spirit man grows so does the natural man and for that reason is a time to celebrate. Celebrate with your pastor the growing experience as he or she is the servant that nourishes your soul. Each year take pride in knowing that you’ve gotten wiser, smarter and your decision making is better overall.

The natural side of celebrating a Pastor Anniversary will include physical gifts, money and accolades giving honor where honor is due. Each year when we celebrate a birthday most of us get a gift or card from someone, with a little something in it. You celebrate in the natural of getting one year older, one year wiser. The pastor anniversary has the same principle behind it but a much greater meaning in front of it. There is a spiritual aspect to celebrating our pastors in the natural. We celebrate ourselves in the spiritual during the pastor’s anniversary. And we all know that there is a greater blessing in giving than receiving. I personally believe that there is a greater blessing for those who blesses God’s chosen vessels.

The pastor anniversary should be celebrated with Godly principles not material things. We as a Christian should allow God to get the glory out of everything we do. We should celebrate them knowing that we are truly the real beneficiary of the whole matter. God chose them to watch over us and protect us from all danger, naturally and spiritually. God gave them the power and the anointing to come against anything that may hinder our walk with Him (Our Creator).

If your church or ministry has planned this event out of formality I would suggest that you tap into the greater spiritual meaning. So often we as Christians miss the bigger picture because we concern ourselves with the natural elements. We dilute our blessings by putting a number on it or tradition. I encourage you to honor your pastor from your heart not your wallet. Pray and seek God on how to be a blessing to your pastor because there may be other needs outside of money and gifts.

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